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What we learned from Global Scrum Gathering Prague 2015

A long time ago I learned from a business coach that the measure of success of any training was the number of “aha moments” you can get; those moments where you realize there’s something you can use in your daily activities, in your real world. Conferences are places swarming with ideas, some new, some not so much, but for sure are places where lots of “aha moments” can be found, if you look closely.

Global Scrum Gathering in Prague was held November 16 – 18, and here’s a summary of those aha moments we got from speakers and colleagues from all over the world:

  • Mindsets are more important than methodologies.

  • Culture is the shadow of the organization.

  • Management (in its traditional definition) takes away the thinking from the doing, and to solve complex problems we need more thinking while doing. People with ideas can solve complex problems.

  • 95% of problems can be solved working the system, rather than question if people are the problem.

  • Making a reference to McGregor’s theory X and Y: most techniques are designed to deal with “theory x” people, consequently people start behaving like “x people”.

  • A video worth watching: Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell by Henrik Kniberg.

  • What is value to you? Value is greatly influenced by values.

  • Many "sabotage techniques" are things we do on daily basis. You'd be surprised!

  • We can reduce uncertainty by squeezing the bubble of uncertainty (illustrated below).

The challenge, as always, will be to translate those aha moments into something practical, something that will benefit our customers and our team. Stay tuned!

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