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Some facts about working nearshore with Mexico

The IT sector is strategic for Mexico. Currently, there are five government institutions supporting the development of the IT sector, and the size of the country's IT professionals workforce grows year by year. 

High availability and quality of IT professionals

In the past decade, the average annual growth rate of engineering graduates in Mexico was 7%, which places the country above the population growth rate. In 2010 the number of engineering graduates in the country totaled almost 114,000, and 121 universities are linked to Prosoft. In 2010, Mexico ranked 4th place as a leading supplier of IT services. 

“Hard to beat” proximity

The nearshore advantage of Mexico is centered on proximity, which ultimately lowers risks, increases productivity, and reduces the total costs of outsourcing engagements. Proximity is one factor that contributes to lowering the total cost to cover not just hourly wage, but the entire true costs of engaging in working with a trusted partner.

Legal infrastructure

NAFTA offers a legal framework for the implementation of contract obligations, intellectual property protection and data privacy, as well as migratory measures and regulation of cross border service commerce.

Cultural compatibility

Mexican professionals are exposed to business practices, culture, and managerial concepts typical of the US because they work for global or US companies. Mexican society closely follows the cultural, sports, and entertainment events in the US, which help foster greater integration of the day-to-day bi-national work teams.

Government Support

There are five government institutions supporting the development of the IT sector:

  • Prosoft

  • ProMexico

  • MexicoIT

  • Mexico 1st

  • IT Link 

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