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Software development Subcontracting is an effective method to expand the capacity of your team and deliver unique solutions through a third-party organization.


  • Successfully reduce costs

  • Access specific expertise

  • Allocate flexible headcount

  • Focus on the next big thing

  • Faster application delivery



Download our 1-page sheet for subcontracting

Mobile Development

More and more businesses see mobile as the next step to reach customers and deliver services.


  • Add mobile expertise to your team

  • Successfully create a great user experience

  • Develop for one or more mobile platforms

  • Choose the right platform and technology 


Download our 1-page sheet for mobile

Flexible Headcount

With this model, developed by Quarksoft, you get a monthly capacity available for your team, and you still pay only for minimum to actual consumption, helping you deal with those unexpected peaks in development cycles.


  • Extend your workforce

  • Flexible, available capacity

  • Keep pace with unexpected tasks

  • Extensible, guaranteed capacity

  • Billing based on use!


Specific Expertise

Looking for expertise in a technology in particular? We can help!


  • Ruby on Rails

  • Python

  • Biz Talk

  • SharePoint

  • Mobile development

  • Web development

  • Java

  • .Net

  • Data integration

  • Testing

  • ABAP

  • Relational databases

  • NoSQL databases

  • And many more! Contact us to inquire about a specific technology.

Successfull Projects, Together

Regardless of your preferred flavor for working with a trusted partner – on-premise, onshore, nearshore, or offshore – Quarksoft North America is your partner in leveraging and delivering the power of technology.


  • Define better requirements

  • Work effectively with geographically distributed teams 

  • We are an extension of your team! 


Download our brochure

Software Development Methologies

Whether you choose the Waterfall, Iterative, Scrum or Agile methodology, how well you adhere to the SDM of your choice can effectively drive your business forward.


  • Agile Consulting

  • PSP / TSP

  • Lean Software Development

  • Process assessment

  • Software process capability improvement

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